Conrad Poppenhusen - The Life of a German-American Industrial Pioneer

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Book Reviews

".... well-written text, carefully annotated and accompanied by interesting illustrations. In all, this is a welcome contribution to New York history."

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

"Conrad Poppenhusen came to America at the right time - when the nation was
just beginning to flex its industrial muscles. Through that magic combination of hard work, foresight and good fortune he established himself as an early exemplar of the American dream. James E. Haas has done an excellent job of taking a relatively obscure and unjustly forgotten figure and restoring him to his rightful place in American industrial history. Starting with Poppenhusen's own brief and sketchy memoir, Haas used good old-fashioned legwork to fill out a wonderful story complete with trials and errors, sadness and joy, and even a shipwreck. The book is well researched and richly detailed, and will add to the knowledge of anyone interested in the history of New York, the German-American experience or industrial history."

Charles Slack, author
Noble Obsession: Charles Goodyear, Thomas Hancock and the Race to Unlock the Greatest Industrial Secret of the Nineteenth Century, Hyperion, NY

"Great publication - detailed, highly professional and very accurate."

Joseph S. Dolan, Executive Director
The Achelis Foundation

Conrad Poppenhusen: The Life of a German-American Industrial Pioneer

"Like the energetic and adventurous immigrants of the nineteenth century that are his subjects, James Haas has traveled far and dug deeply to trace the fascinating story of idealistic industrialist Conrad Poppenhusen. When the German immigrant was not making his fortune manufacturing hard rubber combs, or backing his employees who volunteered in America's Civil War, the tireless Poppenhusen kept busy founding America's first free kindergarten in a little town called College Point, Queens. This is a story of business and patriotism, fortunes won and lost, progressive thinking and the immigrant adaptability that has vitalized the culture of New York City. Read it and be inspired anew by the impact of strangers in the New World."

Kathleen Hulser
Public Historian
The New York Historical Society

"James E. Haas has penned a biography that is both a beautiful and revealing
“work of art” on the life of this extraordinary and benevolent German immigrant,
Conrad Poppenhusen. Through his thoroughly researched body of work, he has
brought honor to along overlooked industrial giant and social activist of the
19th century."

Susan K. Brustmann, Director
The Poppenhusen Institute
College Point, New York

"I always thought I knew a lot of the life of my great grandfather, but after reading your book, I realized how much was absolutely new to me. Thank you."

Conrad Poppenhusen
Hamburg Germany


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