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Tools & Resources

The computer age has made possible the availability and accessibility of vast amounts of data and historical information thus simplifying the task of doing research that in years past would have required spending countless hours in libraries, archives and other research facilities. Much of the initial research necessary to produce this work was done using a computer keyboard to access popular research websites. The following is a list of such websites:

Ancesty.com and it's Images On Line technology made it possible to search for Military Records and Pension Applications for the soldiers. Once a file was located, additional research at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. was necessary to review the contents of any individual pension file.

Since the objective of this book was to identify College Point men who fought in the Civil War, www.Civilwardata.com was a particularly helpful Civil War Research Database to locate a number of "hard to find" soldiers.

George Bearsdslee, whose son Frederick is profiled in the book, invented a communications instrument that was used during the early stages of the Civil War. It was called the Beardslee Telegraph Machine. To learn more about this invention and its use during the war, check out this link: www.beardsleetelegraph.org 

To look deeper into a unit that attracted many men from the College Point area, a comprehensive retelling of the story of the 20th New York Infantry, written by Gary Kappesser, can be found at: http://gkkapp.home.infi.net/20NYSV.htm.

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